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AutoConsult is Denmark's leading consulting engineering company regarding approval of vehicles. We have access to international databases and are always up to date on the latest knowledge regarding approvals in Denmark and abroad.

AutoConsult is your team of specialists in vehicle documentation and approvals both in Denmark and the rest of the EU.

In cooperation with both national and international partners, we ensure that vehicles comply with applicable technical regulations. We provide the necessary documentation and do the necessary tests and calculations regarding both mass-produced and individually built vehicles. This applies to areas like safety, construction and emissions.

We have in-depth knowledge regarding the approval of light- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in the transport sector, agricultural vehicles and light vehicles such as passenger cars and motorcycles.

Something unique to AutoConsult is our access to Europe's largest database of emission data, as well as noise measurements and fuel consumption data for both new and used cars. Through our international partners, we have access to all kinds of vehicle testing based on common EU technical regulations.

As a consulting engineering company, AutoConsult is your guarantor that your vehicles meet the applicable requirements and legislation, and we are the leading specialists in Denmark with experience working with the authorities, the auto and transport industry, and inspection services.

If you or your company need advice and approval of vehicles, AutoConsult is the obvious partner.


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For further and more detailed information about the company please have a look around at our Danish home page - often pictures say much more than words!