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We help getting your vehicle on-road


Approved test and certification agency

Today AutoConsult is the largest company in Denmark within this niche and has established an international network of professional companies to provide test and certification of large commercial vehicles as well to private owned and often rebuilt/modified vehicles.

Based on continuously, 25 years of dedicated fulltime work within this niche, AutoConsult has become second to none in Denmark when it comes to knowledge and track record. Thus, AutoConsult have obtained several approvals by the Danish Road Safety Agency and is ISO 9001 Quality- and Management System verified and certified by Bureau Veritas.

How can we help you?

Our team is standing by to assist you and your company with advice and knowledge to make sure your strategy to get “on-road” will be successful. Very often we help clients recovering from a “bad start-up” where it’s clear that they would had saved both time and money if they consulted our specialists at the beginning of the project.

Should your project be “out of our frame” we will guide you towards our international partners and network to serve your needs the best and right way.

Our costumer groups

AutoConsult customers are both commercial large OEM’s in special vehicles as well as standard cars, trucks and busses, not to forget the private sector which constitutes approximately one third of AutoConsult's turnover.

Learn more about AutoConsult

For further and more detailed information about the company please have a look around at our Danish home page - often pictures say much more than words!